A Little About Nelson Construction Company

Nelson Construction Company

Our foreman, Mike Jones, was born and raised in the area.  He has over 20 years experience building custom homes.  If you spend much time looking at homes in Kirksville, especially around the Hamilton Meadows and Pine Brook Subdivisions, you'll see one he's been involved with building.  He knows how to do it right and takes pride in the work he does.  

As graduates of Truman State University, Jesse & Jessica Nelson decided to stay in Kirksville and to call it home.  Jessica was trained by one of the best custom home builders in the area.  Jesse has worked on crews and been involved on the retail side of home building for years.  Jesse and Jessica each have over a decade of experience in the construction industry.    

We take pride in our work and it shows.  Doing it right is the only option for us, all the time.  Every detail matters.  We are not motivated to cut corners but to produce amazing work and happy clients.  From the early planning stages, to a formal contract, to framing and finish, our crew is with you every step of the way.

We strive to be the leading construction company in the area by hiring and keeping the best employees, working as a family, promoting high quality construction at a competitive level all while providing uncompromising service and dedication to our clients.  

We are knowledgeable, professional, honest and hard-working.  If you are looking for a custom home builder to help you build the home you'll love, contact us!

Jesse Nelson's direct line: (660) 342-2428

Jessica Nelson's direct line: (660) 342-5070

Office phone number: (660) 665-1820

Email:  NelsonConstructionCompany@gmail.com

Plan, Design & Build

Nelson Construction Company in Kirksville, MO

At Nelson Construction Company, we're a full service custom home builder.  From the planning to the final construction, we are here for you. 

Details are important to us.  We spend a lot of time in the early stages of the process getting to know you and your desires.  We can help you plan a project so that it can be built to the highest quality level for an acceptable budget.

We are committed to building custom homes not only for as tight a price as reasonably possible, but to the highest level of quality.

Along the way, we'll help you stay on budget while keeping the project on schedule and on target.  Our contracts are thorough and the only changes to your contract should be those you request.

At the end, you'll have a high quality, high performance home, delivered on schedule for an exceptional value.

Check out of FAQS to learn more about the process and services offered.   

See Our Work

Custom Built Home by Nelson Construction

Check out photos from our previous work and you'll see why we're the best fit for you and your project.